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In the upcoming decade, the world will be a much different place, with some surprising new additions. Call it “the perpetually new normal” — always changing in reaction to whatever came just before. To prepare for what’s ahead, we must consider not just the changes we see now but also the new realities these changes will spawn deeper into the future.

How will we live and work with technology all around? How will we design cities in the future? How will a year of homeschooling reshape the feelings of this generation and the next about red-throated capitalism?


Amid the global pandemic, we asked a group of visionaries from Cognizant and our partners to share their view on the world of tomorrow. Our resulting Timeline of Next explores the impact of “now” on the future of education, work, economies and life itself. This special report offers a hopeful outlook on personal wellness, new models for physical workspace and realistic projections for emerging societal challenges, such as identity tracking and safety nets.

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