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Help your teams learn and work more effectively

Riff EDU is a centralized, collaborative space that improves team performance by 35% or more, especially for brainstorming, problem solving and decision-making. By creating strong social connections upfront, collaboration becomes natural.

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Our most powerful product yet

Optimized for higher education and L&D improvement, Riff EDU measures conversational dynamics with AI in video and chat to understand engagement and satisfaction. The result is an intimate, hands-on learning environment that greatly improves performance.

The Riff EDU Ecosystem

We provide the space and the tools to help people improve how people learn and communicate.

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Users tend to favor our intuitive channel-based text chats, DMs, and boards over other methods.


Quickly hop into a video meeting with anyone from any channel or chat.


Users and instructors gain perspective about cross-course and team-based interactions in chat and video meetings.


2048-bit RSA TLS encryption (AES-256) for data transmissions, internal data storage on MySQL or PostgreSQL.

Plug-in Ready

Riff connects easily to learning management systems using industry-standard integration (LTI).

Relationship Metrics

Quantitative data paints a picture of how teams and groups are interacting.

Meeting Mediator

The meeting mediator gives visual feedback in real-time as the conversation ebbs and flows, showing who is dominating the conversation and who is not contributing. The goal is to show balance in the meeting, where the ball stays mostly in the center, highlighting successful meetings, and improving team dynamics over time.

Individual & Instructor Dashboards

Riff Metrics paints a picture for instructors and individuals alike. By understanding speaking time and influences, people build more trust and enhance team problem-solving capabilities. Instructors also gain insight into how the class is engaging so they can help guide students to success.

Performance Feedback

Receive instant performance feedback based on the type of conversation you’re having. Riff privately informs people of their behavior in meetings to help teams improve collaboration, cohesion, and performance.

Designed for Your Program

We can help create the exact kind of learning environment you need. From simulations to quizzes, we offer a variety of custom solutions that provide a robust online learning experience so users learn faster and retain information longer.

All-in-One Collaboration Platform

With chat, video, and file sharing, Riff users find they prefer our platform over traditional forms of communication like email and text.

Easily Integrate

Integrations available via LTI with most LMS’, create a streamlined environment for both learners and instructors.

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