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Riff Solutions for Business

Bring your team closer, regardless of distance.

riff video & riff edu

Here’s how Riff can help:

Department Leaders and Decision-Makers

Have more effective meetings and combat burnout.

When engagement goes up, turnover goes down. Riff Video can plug into Slack to improve team communication, performance, and engagement in your existing environment.

DEI Professionals

Create an environment where employees can practice inclusion in their day-to-day routines.

The Meeting Mediator helps create an equitable work space by showing people when they are monopolizing conversations or leaving someone out.

Department Leaders and Decision-Makers

Make training engaging and deliver results.

Riff Video integrates into existing LMS or LXP to supercharge the social learning experience. One client found learners who used Riff had 30% higher grades and were 2x as likely to complete a course.

Corporate Innovators

Foster a culture of collaboration.

Tools like the Meeting Mediator plug into Slack to show real-time conversation balance, coaching users toward ideal communication patterns.

Sales Training

Teach your sales team to be more effective listeners and communicators.

Riff Video gives your sales team the opportunity to enable best practices that deliver immediate feedback.

IDEAL for hr dept leads

Create immediate results

Thanks to real-time feedback, Riff can help strengthen your team’s cohesion and efficiency as soon as it’s deployed. Businesses are able to:

Increase workplace equality.

Make more informed decisions.

Build stronger employee connections while working remotely.

Gain insight into how teams are working together.

Use data to help build informed feedback loops.

Easily integrate Riff with Slack and Microsoft Teams.

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Designed with L&D in mind

Build soft skills and stronger teams in every meeting with AI feedback

The remote work environment has made it more important than ever to acquire soft skills. Using advanced analytics, Riff’s AI can measure the nuances of these skills and provide tailored recommendations for improvement.

Measure soft skills in
video and chat.

Track progress over time.

View metrics on leadership,
attentiveness, and teamwork.

Riff coaches teams toward improvement.

Get feedback during and
after meetings.

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The hard truth about soft skills

Research has shown that demand for soft skills like empathy and self-awareness have been on the rise for decades across all levels of management, and are most highly valued in CEO candidates.*

up to 40%

of future jobs will depend on social-emotional skills


of employers say finding qualified candidates with listening skills is difficult

Benefits of learning with Riff

When feedback is grounded in data, it helps teams collaborate better and perform stronger.

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Make learning programs more interactive.


Real-time communication tools improve employee interaction.


Dashboard and analytics reveal employee participation and intervention points.


Deploy real-time group projects in a social-learning environment.

Supercharging social learning for employee development

Riff EDU is LTI 1.3 compliant and easily adds-on to existing LMSs to supercharge the development of these leadership skills into daily work routines and create a more holistic learning environment.

Through our work with Riff, participants receive personalized insights about their collaborative behaviors and patterns so we can coach them to become the most effective leaders they can be.”

Amy H.
Director of Leadership Development, leading professional services firm

I had my first ever Riff-enabled video conference today. That’s the first time I’ve ever had that type of feedback on a conversation… to see the meeting replayed in visual form is powerful. I think this could be transformative in an enterprise as well as in education.”

Nigel Simpson
Director, Tech Strategy

Riff Analytics is a very unique company… they have the ability to disrupt the education and upskilling industry with their technology and insights. Our users value the ability to understand in real-time their effect on group work and the metrics of their interactions.”

Nella Brodett
Director, Global Outreach, Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute

Case Studies

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Learn how a top professional services firm is using the Riff Platform to help managers build strong networks of experts and specialists.


Revolutionize Online Learning

Learn how Riff collaborated with Esme Learning to revolutionize online learning for OPMs.


Riff’s Distance Innovation

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Peer Learning for Professionals

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Learning the Intangibles

How the Riff Platform is used for training & coaching professionals in soft skills.


Refining Feedback Culture

Learn how Riff collaborated with Roche Pharmaceuticals to help them refine the culture of feedback and continuous improvement.


Discover which Riff is right for you

Riff Video

  • Advanced analytics built into video chat

  • Personal, real time feedback

Riff EDU

  • Advanced analytics built into video chat

  • Personal, real time feedback

  • Custom coursework planning

  • Private, group and project chat

  • Instructor and learner view

Discover which Riff is right for you

Riff Video

Riff EDU

Advanced analytics built into video chat

Personal, real-time feedback

Custom coursework planning

Private, group, and project chat

Instructor and learner view

Be the catalyst for your team’s growth today.

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