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About Us

Our Story

Riff is the result of more than twenty years of research from Professor Sandy Pentland at the MIT Media Lab. That’s where he teamed up with Riff’s cofounder, Beth Porter, who had spent her career at Pearson and edX developing products that enhance online teaching and learning. Together with a team of researchers, they studied how groups of people interacted in the workplace and in learning environments. Using physical instruments like mics and proximity devices, the team could measure people’s interactions with one another to understand group dynamics, conversational balance, and ultimately improve team performance. The team extended that idea — the ability to coach people to success by understanding their interactions — into the virtual space with video, chat, and AI coaching, which is how Riff was born.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help people be more effective in what they do by providing better insights about everyday activities, especially their interactions and collaborations. We envision a world where remote collaboration and learning is just as natural, strong, and efficient as in-person. 

Our supporters

Through our work with Riff, participants receive personalized insights about their collaborative behaviors and patterns so we can coach them to become the most effective leaders they can be.”

Amy H.
Director of Leadership Development, leading professional services firm

I had my first ever Riff-enabled video conference today. That’s the first time I’ve ever had that type of feedback on a conversation… to see the meeting replayed in visual form is powerful. I think this could be transformative in an enterprise as well as in education.”

Nigel Simpson
Director, Tech Strategy

Riff Analytics is a very unique company… they have the ability to disrupt the education and upskilling industry with their technology and insights. Our users value the ability to understand in real-time their effect on group work and the metrics of their interactions.”

Nella Brodett
Director, Global Outreach, Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute

Our Team

Beth Porter

Co-Founder and CEO

Bonnie Rind

VP of Product Engineering

David Potter

Director of Project Management

Jordan Reedie

Senior Software Developer

Mike Lippert

Senior Software Engineer

Sara Haman

Data Scientist

Shashaank Umesh

Product Manager

Sybil Mayard

Quality Assurance Engineer

David Shrier


Alex “Sandy” Pentland

Senior Advisor

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