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Riff’s parent company, Esme Learning, was recently featured in the Financial Times for being an alternative to traditional, expensive, executive education. See how Riff acts as the collaboration backbone for Esme Learning and powers a learning environment that is unrivaled in the ed tech space. 

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From the article:

Esme co-founder Beth Porter says research shows we learn best when interacting with others in small groups, using structured and ad hoc community learning. Yet executive education has tended to perpetuate traditional methods, where experts disseminate information and students absorb it passively, she says.

“This is exactly what online learning historically has been terrible at, and executive education pivoted heavily into online under Covid,” she says. “However, partnering with universities and business schools is the best way to provide a high-touch, human-centred learning experience grounded in rigorous knowledge.” A combination of AI tools and subject-expert tutors leading discussions and giving feedback helps participants feel “connected and engaged”, says Porter, who also predicts greater use of game-based learning and virtual-reality tools in executive education.


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