For Education

Learners need to stay connected to be successful in online courses.

The Riff communication platform helps students make meaningful connections to each other within virtual learning experiences. Riff fosters the development of social belonging that leads to better outcomes. In NSF-funded research, we found that learners using Riff for intra- and inter-team communications in online courses had up to 30% better performance and persistence (than those who did not).

At Riff, we embrace social and learner-centered as key pillars of our platform, which includes communication tools (video and text chat), real-time metrics (collective visual feedback), and over-time insights (interaction analytics).

The Riff EDU Experience


access to channel-based text chat for public and private group discussions, and direct messages


access to video chat from within the text chat interface in the context of each channel


insights about cross-course and team-based interactions happening in text messages and video chat meetings


direct connectivity to the learning management system using industry-standard integration (LTI)

Features & Benefits

Chat Interface

Allows for easy communication by text between all members of the course at different levels of scope (public, private, direct)

Instructors and TAs (or coaches) typically substitute Riff for all other modes of communication in an online course — it replaces messaging, discussions, email, video, voice, and document sharing.

Riff Video

Easily accessed by users in any text channel by clicking the video camera icon in the upper right corner of the channel view. 

Meeting Mediator

The signature Riff purple ball shows who is dominating the meeting. It moves in real time as conversation dynamics change.

Riff Metrics

Key insights about your connections across the course and detailed interaction metrics about your small group meetings.

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